I got interested in Sumo in March 2021 after my daughter was born. I was flicking channels and found the NHK coverage with English commentary. Hearing Murray Johnson getting super exciting about the action on the dohyo for the first time, I was hooked.

I've been lucky enough to go to see Sumo live several times, but always felt frustrated that the information available to me when watching on TV, such as the last match up results between the next two rikishi and other historial data was not really available.

sumodb.sumogames.de/ is an incredible resource, but it isn't mobile friendly, frequently has downtime, and getting the data out in a useable format to support a Fantasy Sumo league or similar is very difficult.

I created this api in order to provide more flexible access to sumo data rather than just database queries or viewing the official sumo website. Please use the API responsibly.

It costs money to maintain each month, so if you find it useful, please consider contributing


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